Learn to Make Your Own Face & Body Oils
(inc. Cuticle Oils) with Confidence, Even If
You’re a Beginner

Explore the World of Natural Skincare and Create High-Quality, Customised
Face & Body Oils that Your Skin Will Love


Does this sound like you?


You want to create your own face & body oils, but feel overwhelmed by the process or unsure of where to start


You want to create your own face & body oils but don't know which ingredients to use or how to combine them


You struggle to find face & body oils that meet your specific skin care needs, such as dry skin or reducing the appearance of cellulite


Store-bought face & body oils can be expensive, especially potent facial oils


You've spent hours online researching but are confused with the mixed measurements of cups, ounces and drops

Have you always wanted to make your own face & body or cuticle oils, but feel overwhelmed by the process? Do you lack the knowledge or experience to create customised, high-quality Oils that work for your unique skin type?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people are intimidated by the thought of making their own skincare products, but with the right guidance and support, anyone can learn to create effective, natural blended Oils at home.

Introducing our comprehensive Face & Body Oils (inc. Cuticle Oils) Course – your ultimate guide to creating customised, high-quality skincare products with ease.

In this course, we understand that starting the journey of making your own face & body oils can be overwhelming. That’s why we break down the process step-by-step, providing you with clear instructions and expert guidance to ensure your success.

We understand the frustration of deciphering confusing measurements. Our course eliminates the guesswork by providing standardised and easy-to-follow measurements. You’ll learn how to accurately measure ingredients using simple techniques, so you can confidently create your own face & body oils without the headache of converting cups, ounces or drops to grams.

This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to make high-quality Oils at home, even if you’re a beginner with no prior experience.

Our step-by-step lessons will walk you through the entire process, from selecting the right ingredients to adjusting the consistency of your Oils for optimal results. By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to create customised face & body oilsthat work for your unique skin type.

Create Your Own Custom & Natural Beauty Oils with Confidence

Say goodbye to unwanted ingredients, high costs, and inadequate formulations by learning how to make your own face & body oils using natural, affordable ingredients.

Are you tired of feeling limited by the selection of natural beauty products available on the market?

Do you want to take your skills and knowledge to the next level and create custom oils that meet your unique needs and those of your clients if you’re a salon/spa owner?

Look no further than our professional development course, designed for DIY enthusiasts and beauty professionals who want to elevate their natural beauty game.

Our course will teach you the art of natural beauty oil creation, providing you with the knowledge and skills to create your own custom oils that stand out in the industry.

You’ll learn professional-grade techniques for blending carrier oils, as well as how to source high-quality ingredients and ensure product safety and efficacy.

Say goodbye to limited customisation and hello to a world of possibilities. With our course, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to create natural beauty oils that meet your unique needs and those of your clients.

With our course you’ll learn how to:

  • Source affordable, high-quality natural ingredients for your body butters, balms, and massage bars
  • Develop effective and safe formulations for your custom skincare products that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences
  • Experiment with different ingredients and formulations to create unique products that deliver visible results
  • Save money by making your own high-quality skincare products at home

Our course is designed for DIY hobbyists, beauty and skincare professionals, and entrepreneurial types who want to tap into the power of natural ingredients and unlock their creativity. With step-by-step video tutorials, worksheets and formula templates, you’ll have everything you need to create your own custom skincare products with confidence.

Don’t settle for inadequate formulations and high costs.

Sign up for our course today and discover the joy of creating your own custom skincare products that are as unique as you are.

Welcome to…

The Create Your Own Face & Body Oils
(inc. Cuticle Oils) Course

From Novice to Expert: Learn to Make Your Own Face & Body Oils with Confidence

Take the Guesswork Out of DIY Skincare and Learn to Create

High-Quality Face & Body Oils That Work for Your Skin.

Module 1: Welcome, Equipment Needed, How To Write a Formula

Find out what equipment you’ll need – chances are, you’ll have some of it already in your kitchen.
Learn exactly what formulating is and how to write a formula.

Module 2: Overview of ingredients you could use

Break down what common ingredients you could use and how, such as carrier oils and luxury carrier oils.

Module 3 - Formulating Face & Body Oils

Using what you’ve learnt about various carrier oils to create your own face & body oils using our formulas before creating your very own.

Module 4 - Suppliers of Packaging & Ingredients, CPSR and Insurance

There are many spa product & soap-making ingredient suppliers in the UK, as well as providers of CPSR. Here you’ll find several companies listed.

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Meet your Teacher

Sarah Cogin-Smith is a former Beauty Therapist and Salon Owner of 26 years.

In 2010, she started making skincare products to use on clients during treatments in her salon. The clients loved the bespoke handmade products and Sarah subsequently became an expert in creating bespoke treatment packages that catered to the unique needs of each individual client.

Due to demand, Sarah then launched ‘Cognito Spa’, which she still runs today, supplying salons and spas across the UK, with her handmade products.

After years of perfecting her craft, Sarah is now sharing her knowledge and expertise with others who are interested in creating their own spa products. Whether you are a professional Beauty Therapist/Salon Owner looking to expand your skills or simply someone who loves to pamper themselves with homemade beauty products, Sarah can help guide you through the process.

From choosing the right ingredients to understanding the science behind skincare, Sarah has the knowledge and experience to help you create products that are both effective and indulgent. So why not join the many satisfied clients who have already benefited from Sarah’s expertise and start creating your own spa products today?

Sarah now lives in Preston, in the beautiful county of Lancashire with her two daughters, two dogs and 3 cats. She loves the colour blue, and is rather partial to a gin & tonic.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I’ve never made my own product before…is this course for me?

A: This course provides a step-by-step approach to help you comprehend the concept of formulating, create your own product formulations, and gain knowledge about the nuances of spa products. Additionally, you will be able to draw inspiration from a variety of formulation examples.

Q: What kind of spa products will I learn to make in this course?

A: You will learn how to create your own Body Scrubs and Facial Polishes.

Q: What ingredients will I need to make my own spa products?

A: The ingredients you will need to make your own spa products will depend on the specific type of product you want to create. However, here are some common ingredients you can consider for a variety of spa products: carrier oils, natural exfoliants, clays, butters, herbs & spices, and essential oils or fragrance oils.

Q: Will I need to purchase any special equipment to make my own spa products?

A: Luckily, when you’re first starting out, you don’t need too much, and chances are, you’ll have some of it already in your kitchen.

Q: Can I customise the spa products to suit my specific needs?

A: Yes, you can definitely customise spa products to suit your specific needs. By using different carrier oils, essential oils, herbs, and other ingredients, you can create products that cater to various skin types, concerns, and preferences.

Q: How long will it take to learn how to make my own spa products?

A: The time it takes to learn how to make your own spa products will depend on various factors, including your level of experience, the complexity of the product you want to make, and the resources available to you.

If you’re starting from scratch and have no prior experience in making spa products, you may need to invest more time in learning the basics, such as understanding the properties and benefits of different ingredients, learning how to measure and mix ingredients properly, and practicing safety precautions.

However, if you’re already familiar with some of the basic techniques and have experience working with natural ingredients, you may be able to pick up new skills and knowledge relatively quickly.

Q: Can I sell the spa products I make in this course to my clients?

A: You will need a relevant Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) to retail your finished products to your clients. Several companies are listed in Module 4.

Q: Will I receive ongoing support and resources after completing the course?

A: Yes! Within the exclusive Facebook group, you can ask questions and/or join in on the monthly Q&A sessions.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: You get ‘lifetime’ access— so long as this course and Cognito Spa are in existance, you’ll have access!

Q: Can I share this course with a friend? 

A: After purchasing this course, please note that all downloads, resources, and videos are copyrighted and intended for your personal use only. It is essential to keep your login details confidential. However, you may share my website and recommend this course to any friends who may be interested.


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