Learn to Create Your Own Spa Products with Confidence, Even If You’re a Beginner

Does this sound like you?


You want to create your own face & body products, but feel overwhelmed by the process or unsure of where to start


You want to create your own face & body products but don't know which ingredients to use or how to combine them


You struggle to find face & body products that meet your specific skin care needs, such as dry skin or reducing the appearance of cellulite


Store-bought face & body products can be expensive, especially if you want to use them frequently, or they have a high level of active ingredients


You've spent hours online researching but are confused with the mixed measurements of cups, ounces and drops

If so, you’re not alone. Many people are intimidated by the thought of making their own skincare products, but with the right guidance and support, anyone can learn to create effective, natural face & body products at home.

At Cognito Spa we understand that starting the journey of making your own face & body products can be overwhelming. That’s why we break down the process step-by-step, providing you with clear instructions and expert guidance to ensure your success.

Product Formulation Courses



Explore the World of Natural Skincare and Create High-Quality, Customised Spa Products that Your Skin Will Love

Create Your Own Body Scrubs and Facial Polishes

Using what you’ve learnt about various exfoliants, create your own scrubs & polishes using our formulas before creating your very own.

Create Your Own Body Butters, Balms and Massage Bars

Enhance your knowledge of body butters,balms and massage bars, their functionality, and delve into the pre-existing formulations to prepare yourself for creating your own products from scratch.

Create Your Own Face & Body Oils (inc. Cuticle Oils)

Once you’re familar with the individual carrier oils and their properties, learn which ones blend best to create your own Face and Body Massage Oils.

Create Your Own Clay Based Masks

Have fun making our suggested Clay Mask formulas before unleashing your creativity on making your own from scratch.


Meet your Teacher

Discover the Art of Creating Your Own Spa Products

Sarah Cogin-Smith is a former Beauty Therapist and Salon Owner of 26 years.

In 2010, she started making skincare products to use on clients during treatments in her salon. The clients loved the bespoke handmade products and Sarah subsequently became an expert in creating bespoke treatment packages that catered to the unique needs of each individual client.

Due to demand, Sarah then launched ‘Cognito Spa’, which she still runs today, supplying salons and spas across the UK, with her handmade products.

After years of perfecting her craft, Sarah is now sharing her knowledge and expertise with others who are interested in creating their own spa products. Whether you are a professional Beauty Therapist/Salon Owner looking to expand your skills or simply someone who loves to pamper themselves with homemade beauty products, Sarah can help guide you through the process.

From choosing the right ingredients to understanding the science behind skincare, Sarah has the knowledge and experience to help you create products that are both effective and indulgent. So why not join the many satisfied clients who have already benefited from Sarah’s expertise and start creating your own spa products today?

Sarah now lives in Preston, in the beautiful county of Lancashire with her two daughters, two dogs and 3 cats. She loves the colour blue, and is rather partial to a gin & tonic.